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What is Archetyp?

It is a darknet marketplace that was designed to become a new home for those who buy or sell drugs and long to do it in a safe, friendly, and technically advanced environment.

Archetyp is down. What can I do?

It happens. Hold on and wait or check other markets at Darknetpages or We’re in favor of fair competition. But you know that Archetyp is the best 😉

How can I access the platform?

You need to install the Tor browser (iOS, Mac/Windows/Linux, Android) and get the active onion link from any of the available official sources.

Current working URL:


The website has a phishing protection feature. So, do not forget to check if the first and last letters match the ones you see in your address bar. It shows “”, so, yes, it’s our mirror. Everything is correct.

Where to buy Monero (XMR)?

Localmonero, Kraken (KYC), (looks dirty but works good).

Why Monero?

Using Monero for deepweb shopping is a smart move for tech-savvy individuals who value their privacy and security. Monero’s advanced cryptography and privacy features make it nearly impossible for anyone to track your transactions or steal your personal information. Plus, it’s easy to use and widely accepted by a growing number of merchants. If you’re serious about protecting your digital assets, Monero is the way to go.

I feel like I can contribute to your site’s improvement. Can I submit my idea?

Of course! Feedback from the active users is utterly important for the project’s development and is hugely appreciated. If you think you know how to provide a better experience for the members of the community, contact the administration via ticket for further discussion.

I am concerned about the legal implications of such an activity.

As you should be. However, do people follow all the guidelines of the existing laws? Essentially, they don’t. On the contrary, they violate the rules regularly because the legislation can often be outdated, absurd, extensively bureaucratic, etc. The key aspect here is to be smart about your actions. Do not treat the operations security lightly, stay anonymous, and refrain from any actions that can cause harm to you or other people.

Do they have an affiliate program?

Indeed, they do. In case you strive to participate, contact the market’s administration to get more detailed information and affiliate links.

How quickly can my payment be processed?

In most cases, it takes no more than half an hour. Still, financial transactions can be slowed down by many unforeseen circumstances. Hence, although delays are rare, you need to be prepared to wait for a couple of hours.

I made a mistake while transferring funds: chose the wrong currency, entered the address incorrectly, etc. Can I fix it?

Unfortunately, some things cannot be undone. The best strategy here is to deploy preventive measures. Stay focused and keep an eye on the warnings that appear on the website in the most intricate parts of the procedure.

An entire day has passed since I sent you the money, but the payment hasn’t been processed. Should I be worried?

Maybe a little, but don’t panic. First, you should check if you transferred your funds to the right address. In case you are certain that everything is in order, you can generate a ticket and let knowledgeable people from customer support deal with the problem.

Is it a safe place? Tell me about security measures.

Naturally, any darknet platform is not a safe place. You have to always be on guard. However, it does not mean that you’re on your own. Of course, users’ security is the market’s priority and its functionality is tailored to create the safest environment possible. Here is how:

  • Predominant reliance on the cryptocurrency with the enhanced privacy properties – Monero (XMR).
  • 2-factor authentication with PGP encryption.
  • Phishing & DDoS protection.
  • Two usernames: one for your login and the other for your public appearance.

I want to report a vulnerability. How can I do it?

In the dark web surrounding, safety comes first. Thus, your effort to help the marketplace will be duly appreciated. Get in touch with the site’s administration using its PGP key to discuss the issue in question.

They are experienced professionals. So, they give the credit where it is due. This means that you can be rewarded for your service, provided that you can prove your case.

How do they make sure that vendors are trustworthy?

The platform’s policy is aimed at separating entrepreneurs with serious intentions from ill-intended or irresponsible fly-by-night sellers. Vendors have to:

  • pay a substantial €600 bond;
  • lay down their plans;
  • provide pictures of their potential listings;
  • elaborate on the motivation behind their decision to join Archetyp;
  • name the markets they sell on (their reputation there is checked, of course).

I spotted a scammer. What do I do?

Report your findings to the administration as soon as possible. Naturally, you are expected to present proof and support your claims. It will enable the admins to initiate action against the trickster without wasting time on further investigation (‘innocent until proven guilty’ is still a thing, even in the darknet).

Are there any rules I need to obey?

Yes, there are. Yet, they are simple and easy to follow:

  • “Treat others how you wish to be treated”. In other words, be friendly, fair, and honest.
  • “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself”. Refrain from:
  • harming other living creatures (e.g., you will be banned for the things like porn, racism, weapons, poisons, fraud, and scams);
  • compromising people’s identity (e.g., you will be punished for doxing);
  • being rude (insulting and aggressive behavior is forbidden).

Check the Rules tab to find more info on the subject.

Isn’t the dark web’s whole concept about refusing to adhere to the existing rules?

No, it isn’t. Darknet was designed to become the beacon of light for those who seek freedom of speech and will, self-expression, knowledge, etc. Still, your actions should not cause damage to others. The ‘homo homini lupus est’ attitude leads to violence and paranoia instead of freedom and enlightenment. That’s why many of the contemporary darknet markets (Archetyp included) opted to embody their morals and values into harm reduction policies that ban any criminal activity and keep the members of the communities safe.

Can I be happy?

Yes. And you should.